The Problem

After extensive research into education in the developing world, we found that according to the United Nations 15% of the world's adult population are illiterate. This shocking statistic forced us to ask, why? When we asked experts in this field of education, 67% said that 'lack of educational resources' is the biggest barrier preventing individuals from receiving a quality education, for example, in Cameroon, one textbook is shared between twelve children. We also noticed, in 2018 online giving grew 10.8% alongside the growth of distance learning and various other internet based methods of teaching.

Discover the impact of mycloudcoach?

We make it possible for educators and content creators to expand their reach and donate their educational material to our digital platform. This material is then filed, organised and made accessible to schools in poor and marginalised communities around the world.

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Meet the Team

We are all focused on one common goal and that is to improve the accessibility of Quality Education in the developing world.

Chris Nutman
Founder & CEO
Chris recently graduated in 2017, having gained a first-class degree in Design Engineering. It was here where he solidified his dream in becoming a social entrepreneur, designing solutions to some of the world's biggest challenges.
Janis Green
With over 35 years of experience in the Education sector, Janis was a teacher in the UK, Africa, Canada and the Middle East. She then became project leader for the introduction of LMS to Senior Management Teams in schools. Janis blended her knowledge of Education, Finance and IT to form Pebble in 1992.
Artiom Sgibnev
Project Manager
Artiom is an Events Manager and is super passionate about community development. He believes that projects for good are of the most important things to be involved in. Artiom has an outstanding process driven brain and is a meticulous planner with a visionary mindset.
Jonny Galvez
eLearning Developer
Jonny is a graduate Computer Scientist, having achieved a first-class honours degree. He has spent his entire career as an eLearning Developer and is keen to manage bespoke solutions to improve the provision of quality education around the world.

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Kind Words

Take a look at what people have to say about our mission!

Jess Hamer, COCO Charity
Operations & Communications Manager
"COCO is looking forward to collaborating with mycloudcoach to improve the quality of education in partner schools in remote parts of East Africa. In these schools, accessing learning resources is difficult and expensive, which makes lesson planning difficult and leaves staff and teachers without the information needed for effective learning. The idea of sharing resources between the UK and overseas is a simple, unique idea that will transform education in schools in the Global South. We believe mycloudcoach’s innovative technological design and passion for bringing opportunity to marginalised students are what makes the organisation unique, and are sure that they will change the lives of thousands with their exciting programme."
C.J. Stanfill, Pencils of Promise
Director of Learning & Education
“You truly have a great vision”.

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